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This poem accompanies a story called 'Nativity' which is to be published on the site soon! Here is the poem by the same name.

Pierced by the Natal beam, residing in the earth,
Resting in a hollow and ‘neath a brambled crown,
Once carolling a child, the story of His birth,
A Christmas orb of falling snow lies derelict and lone.
Into this sphere’s encapsuled disregard
Afar, a beam: a piercing star ignites;
Thus in a wastling’s vagrant woodland world
The Deity-Nativity wakes in the ‘Silent Nights’
‘Bright Star pierce this night’s sky: thrust down your chards of light
Through woodland’s shrouds and canopies: autumnal’s bleakest night.
From Heaven’s Dome: The Imperial Crown,
Shatter earth’s spheres and bring to no renown;
…and that Scarlet Robe, sweet bird, steal it no more!
Red breasted caroller of ‘Christmas-tide’ on earth;
Beneath your claws a child’s pretending-toy lies tired and void,
So, break out: to this employ all hearts o’er all the earth
To songster forth the True essence of Christ’s worth.’