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Emerald Light

An emerald light pervades the near
And from a distant hill a silvery light invokes an ominous cheer!
The anvil cloud drapes over all a shroud of angry shades,
And darkest emerald-night instils the open fields and deepest glades.
I stand, in middle ground, enthralled…
And in my spirit wells a silvery song that thrills with sombre chords;
And I would stand alone all the ‘night’ long
To watch this mid-day ‘clipse break into mid-day dawn.

These heavenly silver lines I chase around the clouds
Along declining hills’ feint filigree of lace;
And not so loud, and far, a muffled rumbling tension in the darkness breaks.
Like stars, amidst an emerald-deep of space,
Oblivious sheep as pin-eyed spots of white
Lazing graze as in a full and mid-day light
Regardless of foreboding in these aping shades of an unlikely night.