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Spring-time Euology

Verses started whilst walking out
one spring morning, Mothering Sunday 2010

On stems’ and branchlets’ budding twig
I see the loss from winter rid!
And virtues of a virile spring
Her latent scents in parcels bring.

In gradual splitting, parting tips,
The sepale-buds their opening lips
Disclose the packagings of bliss
Like lovers with a gentle kiss.

Arising saps push through the barks
In tender leaflets’ wing-like clasps
And as the April suns afford
All, Everything is one accord.

As swathes of coloured shade imbues
The green-sap flows to flowering hues;
The latent tunes of coloured births
Come, thronging paths with Summer’s mirths.

As, by Him, all, everything
Consists, continues and conspires,
I wondered at the seed, in dying
Like the Son of God, expires!

What is Spring? –‘tis all a-telling
That a ransom has been paid!
The soul that sinneth, for its dying
Finds atonement in the grave!

True Joy of Spring turns hearts’ affections:
Wintry dearth to Summery mirth:
Like as Spring, The RESURRECTION
Cross, to tomb, to seed New Birth.

Jesus takes all disaffection,
Slays the tyrants of the flesh,
Yet, in our flesh His Resurrection
Breaths again The SPIRIT’S Breath!!