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Symmetry and Wild Rose

Leaves and feathers, bills and thorns,
Designed bilateral uniforms,
And in their seasons, radials bring
The buds, their blooms and berrying.

Black Bryony clusters as she climbs
Feigning succulence benign,
Whilst rose and thorn in honestness
Declare their truth around the nest.

Here vying fledglings reach to bring
From constancy in parenting;
Amidst the symmetries of flight:
Demands supplied! ... endless delights!

Constant chirping from the nest
Call passagesí relentlessness
To snug and cosy-lichened moss
Bound bulky round a briar cross.

Amidst the loci as it grows
I trace an outline arched above:
Tangential buds, concentric rose
To poesy their marital love.