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The Handmaid of The LORD and Rose of Sharon

The Handmaid of The LORD

Now by the handmaid of the LORD His Seed awakes,
Forthcoming, and adored, frail flesh He takes:

“Now see those mighty powers and tables turn
And stalwart kings disown their stately crowns;
How ‘thralling wealth for penury is earned
And pampered pride by Justice all confounds;
Whence casting off and prejudice, reversed
See stark exchanges scattering the proud;
When once, undone, the poor were thus immersed
Now, so called ‘strength’ for mercy cries aloud!”

Her joyful heart once sang this hymn, foretold,
Now her magnificat throughout the world unfolds!

Lowly the maid, frail is the flower,
The seed in the ground rises in power,
Strange, from this weakness came strength for the strong,
His Justice and meekness together belong.