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Voices of Spring

‘Voices of The Spring Time’
words celebrating the fun and joy of spring calling for our praise to the Creator
(Genesis 1:1)

Oh the very merry springtime
A merristemming brimtime
Now that winter’s leaving
And the sweetening sap is seeping;

Laced clouds give way to windows blue
To let the thrill of blossoming thru;
In urgency of trills and chirps
The songsters ring throughout the earth
O’er England’s spring-time and the Isles’
Through depths and heights for miles and miles.

Laced in lights, ‘Celestial Spring’
Delights to bring an offering:
Her former Summer’s energies
Released in yellows’ floral praise:
Whilst bulbs and buds these blooms are bringing Hear trumpets with corollas singing.