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Fall Free Sweet Bird

From Skies to Scarlet Deeps
Fall free, ‘sweet bird’ from cloud to cloud;
Fall free, fall sweet child your spirit cries abroad.
By vast degrees in driftings and descendings
As though to the ethereal bliss there is no ending,
Lark in the aerial space: the sweet blue surrender…
See far below the miniatures of woods and pines so slender;
Down down to the cloudless skyward winds
And to feeling all their blastings on your tiny featherings.
‘Sweet bird’, so vulnerable; most cherishable soul!
So slight, so frail, unutterably so!
Still falling-flight and swift to plumb the scarlet petalled deeps:
The poppy-mantled clothing of the cambered land beneath
Where you shelter in a solitude of peace and stir-less sleep;
‘Sweet bird’ transcend...