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About Landscape

Where rocky outcrops and the cambered lands
Do rise and fall and dip and dell,
Is where I went, to watch enthralled,
To catch in fleeting flight, again, where plumage dwells!!

Abundant plantage: covered trees, grown mighty in the swaysome breeze.
And tiny beauty never seen, still is there in purest sheen!
His myriad show parades below, behind, within, beneath and through.
I sink into its bosom-rest and feel within an eden lost!

Still shadows from The Infinite
Draw my heart towards The Light.
Whilst twilight shades upon men fall
I hear His voice in Eden call.

Know this: all beauty born of loss
Is signage of Redemption's cross.

Landscape demonstrates the constant change of growth and decay, birth and the zenith of maturity: benevolence, source and climax to decline; but that is not the end as though it were part of a closed system nor is the ascent of Spring’s new life and her summery child the purpose. No, the ‘purpose’ of the parable before us is not to bring us further into the dust but to lift our eyes towards the very gates of heaven.
Do not be deceived by ‘her’ beauty but be searching through ‘her’ pain.