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Evening Swan, Sallow and Swallow

Ungiddied swallows skip in swooping trawls
By pastoral floors, through quaking insect clouds;
Whilst giddy eyes pursue these swallow-falls
The east of even’ thralls with mystic shrouds:
‘tis here our praise is fed sublime repast
As time and time again the swallows pass!

Towards the west we traverse with the swan,
She ever sends her wakes to restful banks;
In lowering light still glides she to the sun
Past legion standard rushes marshalled flanks;

That gentlest quaking of a surface breeze
Travels by the footfall of our tracks;
Kinetic patterns ebb ‘neath Aldar trees
Mutating in their watery feathered plaits.

Past Elder, Knap, Sweet meadow Queen and Vetch
Par’disian lights in quivering climax stretch;
Then blasts the sun in his triumphal gold!
Whence Summer’s saps in shining leaves delight:
The blinding bridegroom’s glorious blinds unfold
And shatter gaze! all shimmering silvery white.

©David Secrett