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Fruit Tree

Beneath my settled vantage I can see, and far
Where light’s vestigial forms all mottled and encrusted are;
The bulbous bowl I’ve climbed, bough by branch and branches brittle-twigged;
From my ascent I look me down to these I’ve squeezed and passed betwixt.
Scuff and rough the climb to reach my summit on the bulbous arch
And feel between my thighs the surging latent strength: His saps’ energised genetic art!

Channels are there to the fruit that falls
To mark this summer’s energies in barrels full;
Then sweet leeching and the whisping wasp ‘destroy’ the rest
And in their business are bent on charging summers’ next
From this all consummate and sweet digest:
Enlarged! We blessed “thank you LORD”.

This poem called ‘Fruit Tree’ was born with the painting called ‘Apple Tree’ which forms part of a series of twenty one pieces about aspects of form done in the secrettartwork studio in March two thousand and ten.