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blu Campanella

Bleu Campanella

Oh gift of loveliness and sweetness in the shade
Where glance may bound in sinking and in rising,
And with her wend a way in coloured sounds to sky-lit colonnades!
A choral-laving rises to our hearts’ surmisings:
The music in this woodland campanella all pervades.

Mere glance bounds these glades;
A transport to her distant ‘shores’ on tuneful tides.
The music of the woodland campanella all pervades
Through chasmic-vasts where I would want to hide!
Resounding blue through counter-pointing pinks’ and purples’ shades and lights
Sing Campanella’s song in mingling notes
Beneath fan-brellered interlacing leafy heights;
Her tune-filled instruments of sweet birds’ throats…
I gaze me long and dwell their undulating chorus there upon.

Deep into woodland’s ‘ciduous distant haze
Sweetness of beauty in muting shades takes flight,
For consummation in the pools of joy she craves:
Obsessive paths lead on to mist’s ethereal lights
Where deeper depths reveal the wooded shades.

By suddenness and prancing, in her flight
She bears my heart aloft to halls of country glades;
She takes me to the ‘lilacs of delight’!
Where blue’s cerilean, hues her lighted maze.

Along the tall, the clean beech bark
Kinetic patterns weave in folial photographic waves;
I watch, their shades as in a dance they lark
Whilst palm to palm their waxing and their waning fades.

Mere glance has bound her ponderous paths in sinkings and in risings,
Has seen her wend her ways through coloured sounds, the sky-lit colonnades!
Her laving-choral rests upon my hearts’ surmisings:
The music of this woodland campanella all, all pervades:
Oh! gift of loveliness and sweetness in the glade!

Poetry and original artwork © by David Secrett for secrettartwork, 12th and 13th June 2009