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The Return - 19/02/2014

Should I feel shame or seek fame again! As you can see my last entry here was in November......2000.... and......... 11!! perhaps settle for shame.

During the last twenty six months I have been dividing my time reading, writing and painting. The space I once occupied at Cedar Farm Galleries has been vacated! I moved into a private studio in March this year, 2014 . At the moment there are plans for the selling of my Limited Edition Prints and originals from galleries in and around Lancashire. Nigel Hill is sorting out some possibilities here and is the person through whom sales will be made. His contact details are:

The last year has seen some very significant development in the medium of poetry. I am now realising how combined, and complementary, pictorial and verbal expression have become for me. Later this year some of my poetry and prose comes up for publication if it manages to get over the hurdles preceding publication. I am also starting to venture out into the poetic, public domain, listening and contributing in groups of amateur and professional writers. Any questions about secrett artwork poetry can be answered via my email:

Regarding my painting I am working on pieces a lot smaller than those in my present website archive, most of which can be acquired on site or through Nigel Hill. The recent smaller works, to which I have referred, will appear in the website archive from time to time during the remainder of the year. There are some new pieces about Spring, and later on, autumn. Thank you for coming onto my site for which I hope you are rewarded with enjoyment. If you feel an inclination to give me some feedback I should be pleased to hear from you!

This is all for now. Best wishes, David