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Prints, Mounting and Framing - 22/11/2011

When you puchase a LIMITED EDITION PRINT its title is followed by a number in brackets. This refers to the number of prints in the edition which may vary, but is usually (100). When you receive your order the chosen print(s) will have a number in the bottom left hand of the border such as for example, 6/100. This indicates that you have received the 6th print from the limited edition run of (100)

Regarding an OPEN EDITION PRINT there is no number specification following its title simply because there is no limit to the quantity of the print run.

Please note that there is no mounting or framing service accessable from this wesite.

poetry - 30/08/2011

A late summer walk along the Leeds to Liverpool canal afforded me the lines of a poem written from notes made at the time. The poem is my most recent piece and is called 'Evening Swan, Sallow and Swallow'. The lowering sun was ahead of us and so, shadows and shrouds behind. The short enthralling stroll was from Parbold towards Burscough. It had all the enchantment of a 'childhood river bank walk'. The waterfowl and the swallows, displaying in the lowering light, presented to us different aspects of complexity and simplicity transformed by the late summer's evning: trawling swallows, travelling low, at great speed and, the gentle movement of a swan passing with us towards a setting sun! I would be interested to know what you think of the poem!

The Launch - 14/07/2011

Hello to the world!! Welcome to Secrett Artwork. This is a site devoted to the work of David Secrett's inspired vision through his painting and poetry. We trust you will enjoy browsing through the words and images which represent his inspiration from an 'Inspired Creation'. If you have come onto the site and discover that you want to purchase a print then just click on the image you want, to check it out, and return to the gallery and pop it in the folder. Postage is included in the cost of each print at 4.41 and the packaging at 1.59. The protective packaging for each print is a strong triangular tube with internal waterproof wrapping. Allow up to two weeks for delivery in the UK. l Any feedback can be given via the following address at: Sincere regards to one and all! David.