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Welcome to my website and thank you for taking the time to have a look. I hope you discover some of the enjoyment that gave rise to the paintings and poetry that I have put into the gallery for you. I am a keen student of nature and tend to give a poetic hand to my renderings in paint or word. The pictures are preceded by careful study, drawing and general observation. Reading is an important aspect of my work and time. As much as I paint I also write.

Having been brought up in the West Country, I have had an amplitude of creative sustenance for which I thank both my parents. I have been settled in the North West for the last thirty three years. Here I have found much to expand my mind in the natural world. As I add to my web, it is my hope that others will share in the joy that fills me because of the intimate processes of the seasons as they wrap, and unwrap, their tapestries in the warp and woof of the years.

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